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Introducing: LAcarGUY Express
A faster, easier way to buy your next car!
Browse Our Inventory
Choose your car and click to LAcarGUY Express!
Monthly Payments
Personalize a real monthly loan or lease payment automatically configured to your preferences.
Add Rebates,
Incentives, and Loyalty
Personalize and add stackable incentives, rebates and loyalty offers that you qualify for to your deal!
Trade-In Your Vehicle
Get an instant estimate on your trade-in so that you can apply that value to get a lower monthly payment!
Choose Accessories
and Protection Packages
Easily view and add protection plans, vehicle accessories and insurance products.
Complete Your Credit
App & Upload
Necessary Documents
Upload most of your required documents online to save time and qualify for econtracting.
Sign your final
contract online
You are now able to sign your final paperwork online from the comfort of your home!
Schedule Showroom Appt.
or Home Delivery Option
Choose to pick up the car yourself or have it delivered to your home. Either way, your new car will be delivered fully cleaned and sterilized. Your salesperson will follow all social distancing protocols while getting your final “wet” signatures required by the DMV.